Product Support

Northrop Grumman Italia provides customer service solutions through the Line Of Business S4 “System Support Service Solution” that is acting with the scope to offer optimized solutions defined to satisfy the Customer need. A complete range of flexible services are offered in line with customer demand and expectation.

Northrop Grumman Italia recognizes the full value of an excellent Customer-Supplier/Partner Relationships as the basis for mutual success in the long period.

Maintenance and spares support services

  • Avionics By The Hour
  • Parts By The Hour
  • Access to Spares Pool
  • Warranty Extension
  • Fixed Rate Repair
  • Time and Material
  • On-site Support at Customer’s premises
  • LSA, Maintainability, Testability and Reliability Analysis to manage obsolescence and performance improvement through the product life-cycle

Upgrade & retrofit services

  • Designed to keep your equipment at peak operational performance
  • Last applicable configuration and revision guaranteed by maintenance

LRU services

  • LRU leasing & standard exchanges: an affordable solution for effectively managing your unpredictable operating environment and stock optimization requirements

Logistic solutions

  • Customized deliveries for piece parts, and sub-assemblies based on annual consumption forecast

Training services

  • Classroom training
  • Computer-based training
  • Web-based training
  • On the job training
  • Customized training
  • Time and Material
  • Technology transfer

Technology transfer

  • Repair Line Capability Transfer and validation
  • Full Manufacturing Line transfer and validation

Key benefits

  • A comprehensive programme tailored to your specific requirements
  • Optimum system operation and availability
  • Guaranteed performance
  • Global operation to ensure the user the highest possible equipment availability.
  • Reduced shop processing time, thanks to streamlined administration, contract management and Company’s capabilities
  • Door to door repair option

NGI has all the skills and capabilities to provide maintenance and repair activities, offering engineering and IT capabilities, storage and laboratories, helping to reduce upstream repair times and life cycle cost.

MRO - Service and Repair

All delivered products (>>20,000 operational units worldwide) are supported by a dedicated O&R team working in close liaison with the Engineering Department (EDR). LoB S4 offers a wide range of services designed to meet the most suitable solution to achieve the contractual performance (TAT) and spare parts availability required by the customer.

In addition, since September 2020, NGI has obtained EMAR 145 approval from Armaereo (DAAA) for capability list items.

Product Sustainability is also assured thanks to NGI’s continued cooperation with the MDOA.


NGI provides its customers with logistics services to ensure the lifetime support of products (obsolescence monitoring and resolution, refurbishment, retrofit, stock availability and pool management, FRACAS, ILS/LSA services).

In addition, NGI has a long and significant experience in exporting technical capabilities.

In recent years, NG Italia has participated in several in-country programs as a trainer and technology transfer contractor, with the aim of transferring complete repair and production capabilities.

NGI is committed to supporting Northrop Grumman Corporation by offering local support for activities and initiatives in Italy and the Mediterranean area (e.g. NATO AGS, F-35).


NGI is proactively committed to supporting Built To Print activities with a flexible and efficient production line that meets the highest standard requirements applicable to the military and commercial market.

NGI is fully committed to the production of the Gyrosphere product line for the maritime market and is increasing its capacity for adjacent products and applications.

A team of industrialization professionals and Test Equipment (TE) engineers are part of the operational organization that provides innovative test solutions and strategies to support customers' commercial initiatives. NGI is able to design, build and validate GPATE, ATE, STTE/TE from a specific test requirements documentation (TRD). A dedicated IPT management structure coordinates each project.