We promote personal and professional growth through a Talent Strategy centered on the development of skills and on a career concept that is not predefined but rather modulable based on professional aspirations, the motivations that guide the individual in different phases of life and organizational needs.

At Northrop Grumman Italia, no career path is ever the same.

Our Values, Competence Model and Leadership Behaviors set our expectations and promote an ideal environment for continuous professional development.

Clear objectives, continuous feedback, recognition of merit, alignment on perspectives and development planning enable our employees to give their best every day with enthusiasm.

We offer the resources our employees need to enhance their skills and be considered for their contributions in the workplace. Likewise, we expect everyone to proactively engage in promoting and realizing their own development.

Therefore, all our employees are encouraged to discover and embrace new experiences, explore opportunities and learn from others.

Because when the individual grows, everyone grows!