Northrop Grumman Italia’s capabilities include the design, development, production and support of military navigation systems for the most demanding customer requirements. Electronic and mechanical design expertise is the foundation of the company’s success and we have extensive experience in dealing with different sensor technologies and advanced software development


Northrop Grumman Italia provides robust and cost-effective primary inertial navigation (INS) and en-route reference system (AHRS) solutions with different sensor technologies and open system architectures to meet each customer's requirements. Our system can be integrated with different GNSS constellations or, with our latest Assured PNT solution, secure missions in non-GNSS environments.


NGI’s Inertial Reference Unit (IRU), based on the HRG ITAR FREE sensor, incorporates the latest technology to ensure optimal performance for satellite stabilization. NGI’s portfolio also includes small IMUs based on advanced MEMS sensors and derived from airborne applications suitable for the next generation of small satellite constellations.


Thanks to NGI's longstanding experience and expertise, our system can interface with most existing combat and tactical ground vehicles. NGI can provide solutions for both pure navigation and targeting and positioning. Derived from airborne products, our systems are based on the same sensors used for airborne navigation with customized and specific interfaces and software. Offering rapid gyrocompass capability and accurate position capability at all latitudes, the NGI ground system is the right choice for land forces.


Every missile requires a specific footprint, accuracy and interface. With more than 8,000 units delivered over the years for different missiles, NGI is able to provide customized solutions for antenna finder stabilization, short-range navigation and long-range navigation with or without GNSS support. The SW developed and customized to meet the needs of each individual customer. The selection of leading sensor technologies (FOG, MEMS, DryTunend) and advanced mechanical design are the pillars of the solutions that have made us an international benchmark in the specific missile sector.