Our Work

At Northrop Grumman Italia we are driven by the desire to define possible.

Creativity, collaboration, agility, overcoming silos and barriers are the cornerstones of our character.

We work in a stimulating environment where synergy and knowledge sharing puts everyone in a position to express themselves to the best of their potential.

Our culture promotes shared success and lays the foundations for building trusting relationships between colleagues, customers and our external partners, reinforcing the sense of excellence and camaraderie every day.

We value and respect the original points of view and approaches that each staff member brings to the workplace We believe that our differences enrich the work environment and help us build better partnerships through new ways of thinking and better understanding of the needs of those we serve.

Whether it is driving business, making improvements in the performance of our products or exploring new opportunities in the marketplace, all our teams contribute to making what we do possible.

Everyone’s performance is driven by the feedback we constantly receive from our managers, colleagues, customers and partners.

For us, feedback is an opportunity to reflect, grow and make a difference together.