The development of proprietary sensor technologies is the cornerstone of Northrop Grumman Italia’s mission to ensure innovative and ITAR FREE solutions for current and emerging PNT (positioning Navigation and Timing) applications.


The Hemispherical Resonator Gyro (HRG) technology represents the state-of-the-art in high-precision gyroscopes at Northrop Grumman Italia.

The gyroscope, selected for an Italian Space Agency program, represents an evolution from previous technologies in terms of performance, reliability and size.

The development of a fully proprietary, ITAR-free technology guarantees Northrop Grumman Italia’s ability to meet the current and future needs of space, aeronautical and ground applications.


Northrop Grumman Italia’s record of accomplishment in the supply of miniaturized navigation and stabilization systems has led the company to invest in research and development on MEMS technology to create a new generation of inertial sensors capable of meeting the specific needs of the aerospace and defense market.

In particular, Northrop Grumman Italia collaborates with national and international centers of excellence, pooling its decades of experience in the use of MEMS in critical applications.

Northrop Grumman Italia aims to increase sensor performance, while guaranteeing development that complies with the guidelines for ‘safety critical’ systems (DO-178C, DO-254) and is completely ITAR-free.