The NAVEX-GL ITAR-free navigation system fully meets the needs of operational troops deployed both in well-known areas and in hostile or unknown battlefields.

NAVEX GL is designed especially for light utility and logistics vehicles when GPS signal is no longer available, due to jamming, spoofing, or for example when travelling in mountains or tunnels and situations in which dead reckoning navigation will be required to continue navigation without losing accuracy until GPS signal is available.

Thanks to its proven know-how in inertial navigation systems, Northrop Grumman Italia has designed the NAVEX GL, which is able to guarantee, along a route where a discontinuity in GPS signal reception may occur, the current position of the vehicle without any discontinuity, resetting the accumulated error as soon as the GPS signal becomes accurate again. The multiple interface and optional external display unit allow the NAVEX-GL to be considered a complete Tactical Land Navigation Solution.