senza-titolo-5Northrop Grumman Italia has specialised throughout its history in the development and manufacturing of high accuracy navigation systems for high-end domestic and collaborative military programmes such as the LINS system for the Eurofighter aircraft.

The unique capability to combine state of the art fibre optic gyros (FOG) with the competence in tailoring the system to the specific customer requirement, has become a point of distinction of Northrop Grumman Italia’s navigation solutions.



Both FINS-E and FINS-100 have been designed as a compact navigation system consisting of a FOG Inertial Sensor Assembly (ISA), Embedded GNSS Receiver (SAASM GPS or SPS GPS/SBAS/GLONASS), Processor, Power Supply, adaptable front panel assembly, and chassis providing superior performance for navigation, geo location for sensor targeting, Synthetic Aperture Radar stabilization.



senza-titolo-21Medium Accuracy Navigation Solutions for military platforms represent the basis of Northrop Grumman Italia’s commercial and technological success. Specialized in Attitude Heading Reference Systems (AHRS) and fully exploiting state of the art technology, Northrop Grumman Italia has delivered thousands of AHRS, which are currently equipping several fixed and rotary wing fleets all over the world.

senza-titolo-15AHRS solutions are available with a wide range of different sensors for any customer in the world: LISA 200, based on LN‑200 worldwide known FOG sensor, NAVEX, based on ITAR-free FOG or MEMS sensors. AHRS solutions are designed to provide the operator with navigation data, fully integrated with FCS, autopilot or radar functions and to guarantee ease of installation on new and existing platforms for future and retrofit programmes at the highest standard of certification (DO 178B Level A) at the lowest life cycle cost.

The scalable modular configuration allows flexibility of installation on a wide range of platforms, full interoperability with existing on‑board systems through both analogue and digital interfaces and the integration of customer specific requirements.