Northrop Grumman Italy considers the environment’s protection as an integral part of its policies and strategies.

The Senior Management Team, in the pursuit of excellence regarding environmental performances is involved in tightly managing environmental and safety issues in the workplace.

In order to realize its environmental policy, NG Italy is involved in:

  • respecting rules and laws related to safety, health and environment in the workplace
  • supervising and continuously improving its environmental performances through a specific plan, with the target of reducing and preventing pollution monitored through the use of KPIs
  • spreading an environmental culture through the use of communication and training programs
  • preferring, when all else is equal, suppliers who share the same environmental values
  • periodically following up and testing new environmental policies, to adapt to ever stringent requirements

In the view of the technologies implemented to execute its manufacturing process and the impacts that these can have on the environment, Northrop Grumman Italy therefore undertakes to manage its activities using natural resources efficiently, reducing electricity consumption, reducing paper consumption and waste production, encouraging the use of recyclables materials.

Northrop Grumman Italy’s Environmental Policy is accessible: to all employees through the website publication, to all suppliers through environmental documentation wich is enclosed in the “Supplier application form”, to all employees and plant’s visitors through posters in workplace.