senza-titolo-16Situational awareness, land force tracking and pointing accuracy are the most critical issues for mission success on today’s dynamic battlefields and are all based on precise and reliable navigation. Northrop Grumman Italia has developed its Land Navigation Solutions, to provide the commander with the basis for battlespace control.

Changing scenarios and ever increasing navigation and weapon aiming requirements for land systems, have prompted Northrop Grumman Italia to develop a Land Navigators family which ranges from medium accuracy systems to provide position information in GPS denied environment, to high-performance systems for Reconnaissance, Surveillance and Target Acquisition applications requiring higher accuracy.

senza-titolo-17Northrop Grumman Italia’s High and Medium Accuracy Navigation systems make the best use state of the art of Fibre Optic Gyro technology to match the specific application, platform and environment as requested by the operator.

Currently Northrop Grumman Italia’s Land Navigators are being installed on a whole range of Infantry Fighting Vehicles and Main Battle Tanks as parts of Italian Army NCW modernization programme.