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Northrop Grumman
Electronics Systems Sector
Navigation Systems Division
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Northrop Grumman Italia recognizes that unmanned vehicles will dominate the future of aerospace and UAVs will be key technology for military and civil applications, with new configurations being designed to meet the new requirements UAVs will face.

Northrop Grumman Italia is already engaged in trial UAV developments and it is willing to work with UAV manufacturers to support them in designing and developing the best solutions for their platforms.

Northrop Grumman Italia target products for these applications are AHRS and INS systems based on the latest sensor technologies integrated with Flight Control Computers and GPS receivers in a simplex or triplex configuration. This configuration will benefit of Northrop Grumman Italia's experience acquired in the integration of inertial sensors with digital AFCS system and in the development of certified DO 178B Level A software.

Used technologies include fiber optics gyros covering medium and high accuracy options and capable to support free Inertial Navigation, MEMS gyros & accelerometers, GPS either SPS or SAASM. Northrop Grumman Italia is closely monitoring the development of Galileo receivers and will be ready to provide integrated Inertial / Galileo solutions when the system enters in the "In Service" phase.

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