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Electronics Systems Sector
Navigation Systems Division
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Retrofit & Upgrade

Northrop Grumman Italia's products are derived from 40 years of experience in the design, development, and manufacturing of a family of AHRS and INS which have been in service in more than 3,400 systems around the world. Our systems have been installed on both rotary and fixed wing platforms.

The LISA-200 family offers low-risk, low-cost, high-reliability AHRS units that are small, lightweight, low power, and reliable. The single box unit has a form factor that fits into the space and volume of a vertical gyro (VG) installation, providing a unit designed to operate in severe military environments and to meet the needs of modern airbome applications.

The LISA-200 family of hybrid navigation system was selected for several upgrade programs where they provide navigation improvements and the necessary avionics inputs to support targeting and weapons delivery. Northrop Grumman Italia understands that complex aircraft upgrades result in a substantial cost for the end user. To reduce these costs, the LISA-200 family supports phased upgrade solutions.

Phased upgrades using the LISA-200 family can become the foundation for subsequent more extensive and sophisticated avionics upgrades. Phased upgrades are made possible by the flexibility of the LISA-200, which easily integrates with existing aircraft equipment. In a basic avionics configuration, the LISA-200 provides accurate and reliable information to the pilot through the same cockpit instruments the pilot normally uses.

In addition the LISA-200 eliminates the pilot workload that occurs when he has to stabilize the current gyro instruments during the flight and after any aircraft maneuver, allowing the pilot to concentrate on the mission. The LISA-200 reduces data latency and provides greater accuracy, improving the performance of flight control systems and radar that are part of the avionics configuration. If subsequent aircraft upgrades need to be made, the LISA-200 has the hardware and interfaces necessary to integrate with digital instruments or flight management computers.

An additional feature of the LISA-200 is its ability to operate with internally or externally installed Global Position System (GPS) receivers, providing navigation capability similar to more expensive inertial navigation systems. As long as the GPS signal is available, there is no difference in accuracy between the LISA-200 and any INS system, since the accuracy in both cases is determined by the GPS receiver. If the GPS becomes unavailable during the flight, the LISA-200 maintains the required performance for a considerable period of time, which allows the pilot to complete the mission. When the GPS signal becomes available again, the system quickly recovers its full performance. This quick recovery is achieved through the accuracy of the internal sensors and the system’s powerful and finely tuned Kalman Filter software.

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