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Navigation Systems Division
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Medium Accuracy Navigation Systems (AHRS)

Medium Accuracy Navigation Systems are the cornerstone of Northrop Grumman Italia's many years of success. With a focus on research and development, Northrop Grumman Italia specializeds in Attitude Heading Reference Systems (AHRS) fully exploiting the best Northrop Grumman technology. Thousands of LISA AHRS are currently equipping fixed and rotary wing fleets all over the world.

Current production is based on the LISA 200 AHRS, the smallest, lightest FOG AHRS currently in production by Northrop Grumman Italia. It's equipped with the highly successful Northrop Grumman LN-200 fiber optics sensor, but other sensors are also available.

The LISA 200 AHRS is expressly designed in a single box configuration to fit in the footprint of old mechanical vertical gyro systems. It is capable of supporting new retrofit installations (using the F3 design). The single box configuration allows a GPS or a computer board to be embedded in a "plug-in-box" configuration as well as to be integrated externally.

Two other LISA 200 AHRS capabilities are ease of installation and fast replacement that is completely transparent to aircraft functions and aircrew.

The LISA 200 is the best choice for any customer. It has:

  • Full interoperability due to the availability of several digital and analog interfaces.
  • Its component are designed for scalability.
  • Its high maintainability and high reliability have been demonstrated through many years of service.
  • Its has achieved its primary certifications and the software is fully certified to DO-178 level A.
 AHRS - Medium Accuracy Navigation Systems
      LISA 200 AHRS

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